All you need to know about Hunt & Wilson’s Freshly Prepared Complete Dog Food

All you need to know about Hunt & Wilson’s Freshly Prepared Complete Dog Food

We are often asked why our dog food is more tasty, digestible and enjoyable for the pet. Below are just a few of the reasons:

Why does Hunt & Wilson food increase digestibility?

Freshly prepared meats are gently cooked at 90c. This gentle cooking process protects the nutrients therefore allowing the pet to have optimal nutrient bio-availability. Gently cooking the food means nutrients, such as proteins, stay intact rather than them being denatured when subject to extremely high cooking temperatures. This means more proteins are readily available and can be easily digested resulting in less waste.

What is bio-availability and why is it good for a pet?

Nutrient bio-availability is the amount of nutrients which are absorbed and used within the pet’s body. These nutrients will then be carried to the relevant tissues and be made available for their specific use. Feeding high quality & highly digestible foods mean the body has more utilisable nutrients.

Why is there sensory acceptance of Hunt & Wilson dog food?

Pet preference differs dependant on the individual pet. Sensory properties include aroma, texture and flavour. Freshly prepared meat has shown to reduce any bitter taste in extruded pet food compare to when only dried meats are used (Koppel et al., 2014). Fresh ingredients are naturally more palatable and attractive to the pet. Pets prefer the taste as it much more closely represents their natural diet.

How does Hunt & Wilson dog food offer better health & wellbeing?

Pets would naturally feed on fresh food including meat. Using freshly prepared ingredients in dried pet food provides high level of nutrients and antioxidants which helps to support everyday health and well-being of pets.

Why is the flavour fuller on low pressure cooking? 

Using lower pressure cooking means that the nutrients are not as denatured compare to when high pressure cooking is used. This allows to the food to retain is full flavour and provide a highly nutritious food for pets.

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