Dog life stages and the diets needed

Dog life stages and the diets needed

As dogs grow up, their diets need to adapt to their lifestyle and growing patterns, so here is how to best manage these phases of growing for a dog:

Puppies (4 Weeks to 12 Months):

Puppies from 4 weeks to 12 months require a careful balance of phosphorus and calcium to support their skeletal development, for them to grow up with healthy, strong bones. They will also require omega 3 for visual and cognitive function development. Puppies will need food that is pact with energy and with high digestibility

Picture of puppy

Footnote: If a puppy is under 4 weeks, it should rely off its own mother for nutrition.

Adult (12 Months to 7 Years):

Adult dogs require different diets depending on the size of their breed is. Smaller dogs will often have a higher metabolism compared to larger dogs so therefore require a diet with more energy. This can often be measured on the packet by kcal/100g. Larger breeds often require a slower, more controlled diet for steady and healthy growth.  Finally, not a breed per-se but still require specialised are working dogs, like sheep dogs, sniffer dogs and guide dogs, require different diets with a higher energy intake as they are expected to work, and therefore require more energy to go about their day.

Picture of an adult dog and a puppy playing with each other

Senior dogs (7 and above):

Senior dogs often require less oils and fats for their energy but require more fibre as they will be less energetic. As senior dogs use less energy, if they were given an adult diet, they will only become overweight so their diets require reduced fats; on the other hand they require increased fibres, omega 3, MSM, glucosamine and Chondroitin

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Here at hunt and Wilson, we provide dog food for your pet for all stages of life from 4 week and above puppies to 7 and beyond senior dogs, providing a healthy and balanced diet throughout their lives. With our freshly prepared, hypoallergenic friendly, ingredients, your dog is sure to grow up as a happy and healthy dog.

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