Early Eves and Cups of Tea

Clocks are going back …….. Christmas shopping and cold, wet walks with the dogs!

I don’t know about you, but I always have mixed emotions when the clocks change! On the one hand – it’s that much closer to Christmas, I love Christmas with the family, but it seems as though it’s always dark and that makes the days so short and the nights so long!


But then nice fires, hot chocolates, winter food and those lovely bright frosty mornings – it’s not all bad!




As we look after ourselves and change our habits for winter, what about our furry friends?


Just as in the summer we need to ensure our pets have continuous shade and water, in the depth of the cold, wet and often bitter winter we should take extra care to ensure we offer them shelter, warmth and a chance to recharge.


Those of us with roughty toughty outdoor dogs should make sure they have access to a shelter so they can avoid getting soaked through and can rest out of the wind. Whilst for the majority of us with typically soft types, who happily curl up in front of the fire must ensure our pets are in fact getting out and about enough and exercising as they should despite the outdoor temperature, after all, as shown in recent studies, keeping a dog overweight can be as detrimental to their health as underfeeding.


Whilst all our domesticated animals need extra love and care, we should pay particular attention to our older pets. Cold weather often deteriorates their general health by using extra energy to stay warm. Good feeding, ample rest and curling up on a comfy bed f should aid them to maintain condition and thrive on into spring.


Love to see pics of you and your dogs enjoying some great winter walks or relaxing afterwards!!

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