Living With Dogs – Teeth Cleaning !

Living With Dogs – Teeth Cleaning !

How many of us really hand on heart clean our dogs teeth as regularly as we should? Do we even know how often or even the best approach! Well it’s all a learning curve and I’ve tried all sorts to get Olive to let me clean her teeth, Badger on the other hand loves it!




Well I thought I’d share some of the reasons we should persist even if your dog is sulking in their dog bed!




I used to assume that bad breath in dogs was considered normal. How very wrong I was!


After some research I quickly found that bad breath in dogs may be a symptom of another disease or problem, and tooth or gum decay from lack of dental care can cause issues far worse than just bad breath. In order to improve Badger’s breath and prevent any health issues occurring I looked at ways in which I could provide better dental care for him. I found some very basic and straightforward tips that can easily be incorporated day to day and I intend to put these tips to use and improve their smelly breath!


Even if you aren’t able to brush your dog’s teeth every day, by incorporating a special pet food into his or her daily routine, you can supply the dental care necessary to keep them healthy. Be sure to talk with your veterinarian about the options that exist and which are right for your dog. Just like us it is important for your dog to have regular dental care to avoid more serious dental problems in the future.

Brushing your dog’s teeth


Step 1:

Try to introduce a brushing program gradually. Avoid over-restraining them and keep brushing sessions short and positive. A small dog can be held in your lap. Praise and reassurance towards your pet throughout the process will also help to keep them calm and more willing the next time round.

Step 2:

At first, dip a finger into beef bouillon or something similar. Rub the soaked finger gently over your dog’s mouth and teeth. Make the initial sessions quick and positive.

Step 3:

Gradually, introduce gauze over the finger and gently scrub the teeth using circular motions

Step 4:

Finally, you can introduce a soft toothbrush designed for pets. Alternatively you can use a sensitive or ultra-soft brush designed for people. Special pet toothbrushes are available from your veterinarian or specialty pet store. DO NOT use toothpaste intended for people because it could upset your dog’s stomach.

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