Omega 3 Benefits

Omega 3 Benefits

Omega 3 are fats that are needed in a dogs diet to make sure they are healthy and improve their wellbeing, this is important for humans and our furry buddies. 

Fish oil is a natural source of Omega 3 as they are high in both EPA and DHA. EPA is especially important as it is converted into anti inflammatory components which help to manage problems such as joint and bladder diseases which will cause major problems for your dogs wellbeing and happiness.

Fish oil can also lead to health benefits for your dogs. DHA is shown to help in both the brain and eyes nerve tissue and EPA is shown to help aging brains stay well and useful to the puppy as they grow and become an adult.

Our balanced range of dog food contains the perfect amount of omega 3 fish oils in order to ensure a balanced healthy diet for your dog. 

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