Which puppy food is right for my puppy?

Which puppy food is right for my puppy?

Normally, the puppy should move on to puppy food after weaning at the age of about three to four weeks. Initially this food should be added to their diet slowly over a two week period and should be combined with mother’s milk for a further seven to nine weeks.

A puppy should stay on puppy food for approximately a year before moving on to adult recipe, however this time period will differ due to the size of the dog. For example small breeds mature more quickly (six to nine months) compared to the larger breeds which mature at a slower rate(about two years) therefore larger breeds should stay on puppy food for longer.

A well balanced puppy food is essential to their development and growth such as the Hunt and Wilson balanced puppy food. It is important to follow the feeding quantities as detailed on the pack to ensure your puppy maintains a healthy weight.

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